Where's all the Freedom

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Our Little Cottage

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 No Money in my Pocket

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Wihte Soldier

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Hillbilly Girl Flasmob 8. Dez. 2020

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We will rock you.pdf
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Trucker Linedance
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Unsere anderen Tänze werden bald zum runterladen hinzu gefügt.


8 Ball

9 to 5

16 Bars 

Achy Breaky Heart


Ah si

A little bit lit

Alabama, all Summer Long

Alcohol   C

American Kids


Asking Questions


Baby Belle, the bell of Liverpool

Bad bad leroy Brown

Beautiful Day

Best Adventure

Big blue Tree

Black coffee

Boot Shooting Boogie


Booze Cruise

Bread and Butter


Bring down the house

Bring me down / Cucaracha

Bring on the goot time  


Cajun Slap

Canadian Stomp


Cherry Bomb

Chill Factor

Copperhead Road

Country 2 Step

Country as can be

Country Walking

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy Yodle Song

Cowgirls Twist

Crazy Food Mambo

Cripple Creck




Dini Seel bambele la


do the linedance

Doctor Doctor

Down your uppers

Down to the Honky Tonk


Electric Slide


Fake id,

Feeling Kinda Lonely

Feel the moment  C

Firestorm   C

Foot Boogie



Get down the feddle

Ghost Train

Gipsy Queen

Girls gona wild   C

Go 7

Good Time

Golden weathing Ring


Hallelujah   C

Happy happy happy


Honky Tank Stomp

Hooked on Country

Holy Moly


Independent  Day

Irish Stew

Island in the stream




Kangaroo Hide

Knee Deep


Lasso Stomp,

Leaving of Liverpool

Loneley Drum

Love Trick

Lost in me



Mr. Lonely

Metropolitain /6/8tel

No Money in my Pocket

Nothing but you


One Step vorw. 2 Step back

Our Little Cottage







Rhyme or Reason

Ritas Walz

Riverbank Stomp


Rock a Billy Rock

Rock'n'Roll Walz

Rötelitanz, some body like you



Skiffle Time

Something in the Water

Soft and Slow

Stray Cat Strut

Shout Shout


Tag one        

Tango with the Sheriff

Tequila sunrise

The Gambler

The Trail

Three Teacher

The Wanderer 1 und 2


Tipperary Girl   C


Tush Push



Waking Up 

Walk of life


We will rock you

Why not me

Whisky Bridges


You get it    C


Tanz Dich frei, fröhlich und Fit
Tanz Dich frei, fröhlich und Fit